An Introduction

Why French??? Why not Mandarin, Punjabi or Spanish? The number of people who speak those languages is visibly on the rise in Canada, and around the world! They’ll surely be more useful on an international stage!


But if we’re going to talk about the international stage, why learn anything but English? And if we already speak English, why bother learning anything else? Almost anywhere we go, we’ll be able to get by… Not being able to speak another language has never held us back!


These are questions that I’ve often been asked since I made it my life’s mission to see the day on which the majority of Canadians speak both of our country’s official languages back in 2009!


And while on the surface, I admit that the aforementioned questions and responses are valid, there’s sooooo much more to consider when thinking about language.


This blog will explore those other considerations, sometimes even providing arguments against French, but in the end, it is without doubt that I say that a more multilingual, multicultural, open, inclusive Canadian society begins with French, and a solid understanding of our country’s official languages.


Over the course of the next few months, or years, or, to be honest, I have no idea how long I’ll be able to keep this up, I’ll be writing about three main topics:

  1. Past - How did I get here? - From my youth to Canadian Youth for French
  2. Present - What's happening now? - How I'm benefiting from bilingualism today
  3. Tomorrow - Where are we going? - Living in a truly bilingual Canada

In addition to these three points, I hope to be bringing in a few guest bloggers to give you all a break from me, and provide a different perspective on things 😉


Il me semble que c’est assez pour le moment!


Au plaisir de vous connaître,


Justin Morrow



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