The Past - An Introduction

In this section of my blog, I’ll be sharing my story about how I became to be so passionate about French, and so dedicated to seeing the day on which the majority of Canadians speak both official languages.


It wasn’t the traditional path to becoming bilingual, and I definitely didn’t fit into the institutional moulds that have existed for years in the official languages community, but this is what separates me from everyone else.


In looking at the entire machine from the outside, without bias towards any of the players working from within, I’ve been able to see what others can’t, or aren’t willing to.


From my youth, through my university days, through my Canadian Youth for French days, all the way through to French Finder, my latest venture, the posts that you will find here will introduce you to how the vision that I have for a truly bilingual Canadian population has come to be.


One of these days we’ll live in a country where the linguistic majority speaks both French and English, and the following topics should be able to give you an idea as to why I’m so convinced of this:

  1. My educational journey to becoming bilingual
  2. From my parents’ basement, an idea is borne!
  3. Canadian Youth for French - Phase I
  4. Canadian Youth for French - Phase II
  5. The private route - French Finder

Hope you all enjoy the read, and are able to get something out of it!


Don’t hesitate to leave your comments, or ask any questions, below!



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